HONKA - world-leading manufacturer of genuine wood homes

Matix Lumber is proud to be the exclusive supplier for HONKA massive wood homes of Canada. The HONKA Homes Product is an environmentally friendly and internationally recognized building system that uses a high grade milled pine along with a patented log pole design to provide for a quality modern solid wood home.

A Honka home promotes healthy living through aesthetics, safety, durability and ecological design. HONKA innovation allows all the excellent properties of a traditional log house to be incorporated into modern urban living - to make a home that is healthy and safe. We invite you to visit our HONKA Display Home at 4987 Portage Avenue West in Headingley (just west of Winnipeg), Manitoba, for a guided tour. We have a wide variety of HONKA plans available and can also work with you to design a completely customized HONKA home or building. 
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